We have Launched our New Trading Room!

Our work is done, our task is complete, and your new services are waiting just for you!

As of 2/27/2017, we have officially launched the new Pro9Live.com Trading Room. This includes some much needed improvements to our existing trading room services:

  • See last 30 days of trading results
  • See individual trading results
  • Trading Room Recordings
  • Bonus Materials
  • And More!


Existing Members
You will still receive your daily trading room links to log in until your existing membership expires.  You have until your expiration date to register on the new Pro9Live.com website to MAINTAIN your current subscription level. If you let your expiration pass, you'll register as a new trial member :)


New Member Interests
Don't worry guys! Your membership is still in play as well! Until your existing membership expires, you'll still receive links to the trading room. You have until your membership expires to register on Pro9Live.com. At which point, your membership will remain active :)